Escape to Pandora.
You don’t need to be 3 metres tall and have a light blue fade for to live in this Remote Haven on the mountains of the Osa Peninsula.
Few hectares of pristine Rainforest with some of the tallest trees of the Country, a couple of water spring that come out of the rock, a waterfall where to restore your body and mind, make of this piece of land a Real Paradise for who is stressed by the un-human lifestyle of today megalopolis.
For the cost of a SUV you can become the owner of one of the most Bio-diverse pieces of land on the World, and leave it to the future generations.
Try the feeling of to connect to the Nature at his Highest Level, became an Os

a Peninsula Land Owner!

Time Is Changing

Thursday, 28 January, 2010

Just one yer ago, nobody could imagine how deep and fast the world will be changed in a few months, and now, that the change is still in process, we still can’t believe that so many people are not yet realizing the magnitude of the event.

Finally the world , the economical and productive one has to face the reality : people can’t continue to purchase non necessary products, and producer has to stop to produce non necessary items.

The new world that is coming out from this metamorphosis, is a thinner one, a simpler one and a better one. People is start to  understand that is stupid to get trapped in loan schemes impossible to afford, and have to work like crazy just for to be able to pay the credit card abused for to buy stupid stuff that are not necessaries and that, for to be produced, some piece of Earth had to be destroyed, forever .

In the last 12 months, the number of requests for information about properties in the Osa Peninsula, is dropped, vertically, and, just in this last few 3 months, the ones that are contacting us for information about land here around, are, in the vast majority, people on their 40-50ies that are looking for a small piece of land, possibly with some pure water spring, fruit trees, some forest, some elevation, some pastureland for to have grass for a couple of cows and/horses….no more young rampant business men looking for great oceanfront properties for to start some tourism or residential development, possibly with golf course and casino…. no more rich people looking for that marvelous spot with incredible oceanviwew, where to build that exclusive escape residence…, just regular people looking for a piece of land where to live, harvesting some crop, living a simple life, out of the craziness of that world that is self destroying so fast, and so perfectly.

So, in this moment, our work is to try to talk with the land owners, that here, normally, own tens or hundred of hectare, and try to bring them in this new world, a world of micro real estate, one to five hectares is the actual size belt that receive more interest from people in search of a place where to start living their ” Plan B “.

It is not  an easy duty, local land owners that want to sell their land are thinking in the big Kauna, the big sale that would allow them to turn their actual lives in that one that they see in the Tele Novelas, and when you are trying to convince them to sell ” just” five hectares of that finca, they start making weird face expressions and groan that this is not their idea, they want to sell all the 80 hectares, they want to leave the field and to go to S. Jose’, and so on…

 A view from one possible building site in an Ocean view Property in the OSa Peninsula

But sometime you  can have a lucky strike, as the one that is happening in this moment, a great Oceanview property, of more than 30 hectares, is becoming available in lots of one hectare, or less, for a price per sq metre, of tens of years ago.

I will be happy to give more information to anybody would be interested in this opportunity, so, just contact us at : info@theosapeninsulaproperties , and you will be able to judge by yourself if this is not a great opportunity.

The Challenge of the Century XXI

Friday, 4 May, 2007

We talk in another article about the many new realtor operating in Costa Rica, and particularly the too many that are filling the streets of Puerto Jimenez.

It would be not a problem if everybody would follow an ethical code, working and leaving the other working without interfering in the job of the other, but the reality is different, due to the fact that safe real estates in the Osa Peninsula are few, and difficult to find, for somebody is simpler to use someone’s else listing or create fake properties to lure people that are doing internet research.

Others take real properties that are not for sale and create incredible pages offering them in block or lots, and I can’t imagine what would happen if somebody would really buy one of them. I imagine that these ones are another kind of lure too, but you have to see the face of the land’s owners when they see their property for sale in a web page!!

Other ” realtor ” when they see that one buyer that, as it is usual and perfectly normal, after having collected information about some properties from different agents, decide to buy that nice property that is in another agent listing, they start inventing a lot of lies about inexistent hostile situation with neighbours, absence of building permission and concessions, the existence of an Indian cemetery underground, presence of radon fumes, UFO Landing Site……….

You can bet that before to spend some hundreds of thousand dollars everybody would be sure that is not buying the land next door to Freddy Kruger, and how can you demonstrate that that is not your future neighbour??

In some other situation desperate peoples that came here, in the Eldorado of the Real Estate business, with the idea that they could find and sell almost all the properties of the Peninsula, in a little while, after having bothered all the land owners with funny request of commissions and exclusivity deals, and after having spent until the last cent they owned, after having debts in all the restaurants and grocery stores of the town, and having to watch the cruel face of the defeat in its very cold eyes, they try the last trick possible int his business: sell something, undercut, take the money and run.

And this is exactly what happened a couple of months ago, the woman in charge of the office of one of the most worldwide well known real estate company, one that is making history in this Century, after having spent some months here around, living like Imelda Marcos, and having spent a lot of words trying to slander other local Agents, and all her money buying almost all the kind of booze available on the local market, deeply broken, she tricked an USA guy that want to buy one small beachfront property, she persuaded him to send to the company bank account something like 30,000 bucks, and she took the next flight for who know where.

You know, for me, this kind of things are a problem because produce an image of the local Real Estate Business that is not exactly the best I could imagine for a Marketing Brochure destined to the international market, but, on the other hand, is a juicy news that if one would be a little bad minded, could use for to return all the bad image that they tried to throw over the other local agents, with a lot of interest, if one would be a little gossiper, but for me the worst of all this story is that Imelda runs away before paying the bills for all the fine Italian wine and delicate food the she had at my restaurant!!

If somebody can tell me where she is I will offer to him ( or her ) a great dinner for two with the best Italian wine we have!!

I know that is not easy to find her, but this his my challenge for the Century XXI.

In a Perfect World the global population is less than 100 millions, everybody is living wherever prefer because the 90% of the jobs are possible to do using a personal computer that has wireless access to the GlobNet from any point of the planet.
People uses a simplified version of an helicopter, driven by a computer, that leave the passengers free to observe the wonderful panorama of a planet covered by a dense forest, without any motorways, overpopulated towns, industrial agglomerations and malls. Undergrounds factories produce a perfect imitation of any kind of food, but there are people that prefer to hunt and fish for the proteins they need , and the amount of animals that they kill is insignificant in relation to the incredible population of any specie of wildlife animal, that now are populating the whole planet and the seas. Energy is produced in underground atomic hydrogen fusion centrals, the amount of energy is so big that is possible to produce matter with it, and the only sub product is oxygen. Obviously for free. All the antique concept of nations and government are obsolete, and everybody is participating to any decision, if he want, simply connecting to the Central Decisional Hub, and add his skill and knowledge in the Decision Data Base, a kind of Blog, where the main computer takes informations for its decisions. A perfect world, where Humans and Nature lives in peace and harmony, forever.

But, unfortunately, humans doesn’t reach yet a so high grade of civilization, and we have to deal with ignorance, greed, falsity, stupidity and presumption.

We have to live in an imperfect world, accepting it and trying to make it better, for us and for the other living beams, that have the same, or greater, right for to live, grow and reproduce.

For to guarantee this, we must act in a way that doesn’t put our needs too much over the needs of the rest of the inhabitants with fur or feathers, that share this common house.

Often is difficult to see which decision will bring more benefits than damages, and often, people don’t want to see it because this will means to have to re-fit all the things in which believe, or, much more down to earth, to reduce the earnings or the ” standard of life”.

A similar situation is the one in which we are in these day, here in the Osa Peninsula, and I am talking of all the discussions about the possibility that a big marina resort will be made along the coast, at few kilometres south of Puerto Jimenez.

I heard a lot of people talking about this possibility and I heard things against and in favor of it, things that have some logical fundation, and things that are just hepatic secretions; for example people that, logically, are worried about all the effects that the massive introduction of population external to this area, will have over the social tissue, and other , much more on the hepatic side, absolutely mad because all these people coming from the outer world, will ” fill ” the waves in the surf spots, making much more difficult to catch that transcendental wave, and changing their lives forever….

But the most of the negative comments came from the self-declaring ” environmentalists “, that simply declare war to this, and other similar, project, because, they say, the impact over the local environment will be to much harmful, and could put in crisis a lot of animal species.

If is true that a big project like this would be, normally, a possible serious danger for wildlife, but we have to focalize over the specific situation: the land where this resort would be made is, actually, a pasture land, with some trees only along the fences that divide the pastures, and the 95 % of the surface covered with a poor quality grass, that doesn’t host, even, crickets.

It is a land that often is treated with herbicides, and where the owner has diverted a river and drained almost all the wet land, with the exception of that ones where is possible to produce shrimps and tilapia fish, which breeding needs a huge use of artificial food and a lot of chemicals to fight diseases, not a nice natural environment at all !!

Birds and mammals, like monkeys, lives there in small endangered groups, almost isolated from the rest of the Peninsula for the fragmentation of the tree continuity, a land that has lost its natural equilibrium long time ago, and that now is just a biological desert.

So in this imperfect world, the change of this desert to a well organized comunity, with a lot of houses, yes , is true, but a lot of green areas, with a lot of trees, several ponds and lakes, more diversification of the use of the land, and much more interest in protect and improve wildlife (you know, some Scarlet macaw in the back garden make much easy to sell a one million dollars house), from a mere biological point of view, is a great improvement.

Time ago, when I was not yet a citizen of this small town, and I was living in the middle of the most biological interesting place of Costa Rica, the Sierpe River Valley, with a friend that now lives here too, Mike Boston, we start collecting any kind of snakes, with a special emphasis for the more venomous ones, with the aim of start a breeding centre, managed by a foundation, Arborea, that I created with my former mate, and the idea was to make some money selling the snakes in Europe, where a good specimen is worth thousand of Euro, and with the earning buy some land to protect, collect there some more specimen for to increase the breeding, and so on….in our dreams, in a perfect world, in a few years all the country would be ours, well managed and protected, forever….

In a perfect world the Ministerio del Ambiente, would be managed by people which aim is to protect and serve the Nature, looks for and find ways to improve the welfare of the natural environment and the living being that inhabit it, in a perfect world, progressive ideas for to obtain it, would be seen like a gift and not like some more work to do, another heavy duty to add to the almost overhuman ones that already are killing them….

In a perfect world, “animalists” would do something for to stop the killing of one million green turtle per year, slaughtered by the Ecuadorian fishing fleet, at few miles from here, before than invoke the celestial thunders and lighting against the ” horror” of a marina that could destroy, maybe, four or five turtle nests…. or perhaps, the main reason they have against this project is that it will destroy the crops of psychedelic mushrooms, so abundant in the pasture lands along the Road to Matapalo.

It is ok….we have to maintain the vigilance over the situation, but we must analyze it with objectivity and intelligence; a project of that size and importance can’t be liquidate just for some hepatic malfunctioning, and, due to the fact that is still in its pre-born step, it is possible to apply the pressure necessary for to modify any dangerous part of it.

Who is selling my property?

Wednesday, 24 January, 2007

After 10 years of living and working in the Osa Peninsula, and having to meet new and old ” citizens” of this weird conglomeration of races, cultures, social classes and professions, all the days for one or the other of the activities that we have here, I can say that I have a quite good knowledge of the area and its people.

Obviously, in a relative world, a good knowledge is, maybe, in absolute terms, a knowledge about the 2 percent of the total population, and the 20 percent of the territory.

In the last couple of years, as we sayd in another post, the number of people and ” agencies ” that entered in the real estate arena, grew exponentially, without any relation to the real availability of good, clean and safe pieces of land for to sell.

In some moment, if you take this business seriously, it is a good behaviour to spend some time for to go to see how your competitors are working, just to feel the pulse of the market and…. to see if that damned have some more interesting property, that you didn’t found!!

The most of the time is a boring duty, but sometime, a surprise is waiting for you, just back the corner.

For example, I remained very, very surprised to find in a local Realtor listing, the property of a good friend from Miami, a property where I create and build the most magnificent ethnical roof of the Osa Peninsula, for sale, and for sale at a ridiculous price.

In the following three minutes an e-mail was flying through the cyberspace, directed to that Friend, with the question: why you didn’t told me that you was selling your property? and why at a so cheap price??

The next days, the first message in the mailbox was one of my USA friend that began in this way: – What??!!….Who is selling my property??!!…              He never had the lesser idea of selling hid jewel house with a breath taking view of the Ocean, and much less for the price that was listed for in that site.

In other ” investigations ”  I made in other site I found:

– one downtown hotel that is listed with a big “SOLD” sign in top the     picture, and the Owner, another friend, never even dream of selling     it.

– an oceanfront property with some cabins with the same sign, and a     price of 100,000 dollars more the price we have for the same listing,     and that never had been sold.

–  an Oceanfront  lot that is for sale at 200,000 dollars, that appear in     another major site for only 18,000.

– a property that is owned by a very close friend that appear listed   together a beachfront house property of a client that gave us the exclusivity for the sale and a big land in the back, just for to put together enough land and offer it like an unique opportunity perfect for the development of a beachfront golf course. My friend told me; “I hope that if they sell it, they sell it for a really good price….”

And this having the knowledge about only the 2 percent of the population and some information about less than the 20 percent of the territory, and having surfed only few web sites!!…..what is the real  dimension of  of this iceberg??….. Huge, really huge…and scaring!

I can understand that some SOB is trying to cheat some naive buyer, offering him some incredible property, obtaining some money for to put in some “escrow” managed by some friendly lawyer, put together enough money for to spend some years on a Brazilian beach, in good company, I hope, and…snap….disappearing…..

I can understand this, but I can’t understand the poor minded guys that short in term of listing or in quality of their property, they think that is a strategic move to add some nice picture of some really nice property to their poor pages, and less than this attitude, I really hate the habit of insert some fake “SOLD” property, just for to appear like an active and successful agency.

Talking about this kind of issues, somebody told me, can be counterproductive for the whole business , but I believe that if somebody can’t play clean in this kind of game, is obbligation of the clean player try to change the situation, both pushing over the poor minded, and /or advising the possible buyers of the existing risks.

I believe that a clean field where to play, make the game more interesting for the players and for the clients too, and I am sure that a satisfied client will bring more clients and more business to the whole market.

I don’t do any name here, but if somebody ask to me in a private conversation I can support each example I was talking before with the pages where to find the felonies at work .



So many realtors, so little Properties

Monday, 8 January, 2007

Judging from the numbers, it looks like Real Estate is the most profitable possible activity here, in the Osa Peninsula. So many person that doesn’t have any , even personal, experience in buying, selling and managing properties, in the last three-four years, just hang a sign out of the door and start trying to sell any kind of land to some candid people that, believing that here around apply the same rules that works at home.

The fact is that real estate is not a kind of business with a long history in this area, until 15 years ago the only land transaction occoured between local farmer and very little or no paper work was involved in the process, an handshake was normally enough for to buy and sell hundred of hectares of land.

In this world of real men the registration of a land to the National Register was a mere formality that was considered not necessary because almost all the dispute were fixed with the help of a couple of machetes or a couple of gun-shells.

Feeling unnecessary the registration for the precious pastureland, you can imagine what they think about to register the unuseful oceanfront lands where no good grass can grow!

The other fact about registering land means that the government can ask for some, normally very little, taxes over that property, and for the vast majority of the small farmer this was a kind of cost that they couldn’t effort.

So, right now, almost all the properties of the Osa Peninsula doesn’t have any registration in the National Register, and often the local owner make confusion between title and plano catastrado, creating much more confusion when they have properties inside the IDA ( Instituto de Desarrollo Agrario) land program.

The people that in the street, bars, shops of any kind and taxi, are trying to sell some land to some naive customer, that think in a huge saving for don’t have to deal with a real estate agent, just add smoke and lies to the already confused situation, hoping in a quick’n easy money falling from the sky, without any regret for to have to cheat the unlucky foreigner.

Properties that have all the papers up to date, are very few, but this doesn’t means that is impossible or dangerous to buy one that doesn’t have all complete. Often is possible with just some weeks of legal works put in order the history of the land in object and obtain the complete set of papers that guarantee the purchase, in some other situation the work to do is more complex and long because the ownership is fragmented amongst several brothers and sisters that maybe don’t live here around, but nothing is impossible, and, normally, buying a land that need to be registered, means a significant saving in terms of money.

Don’t think that is always possible a miracle, and don’t think that all the agents, even with many years of being playing this game, and much less all lawyers of the country, know how to do for to transform a piece of land in a Real Estate… if in doubt stop and ask for help, and don’t believe that because the person you have in front of you is an ex-pat resident here from a long time, and maybe have a real estate certificate on the office walls means that you are out of the risky zone…. we saw things, here, in the Osa Peninsula, that you, the human, couldn’t believe….. but about this we will talk next time…..

In the beginning there was the Maritime Zone

Saturday, 23 December, 2006

The most attractive lands in a tropical country, with two Ocean as natural border at East and West, are, obviously the coasts.

From the beginning of the Human civilization the lands along rivers, lagoons and sea, have been the natural option for to establish small or big centres where men could live using the waters for the primary needs of food supply, water for all the use and like a transport route.

Probably is this ancestral tight connection between waterside land and health that, still today, is clicking inside our brains when we  stay in a nice land with a sandy smooth shore, maybe close to the estuary of a friendly river, or maybe is just our aesthetic sense.

The fact is that Oceanfront properties, are specially sought by people interested in a place where to build their Dream House, where spent their new life, or some month per year when the cold winter of the North push them to South, or just some weeks during the main holidays, and renting the house for the rest of the year.

People likes so much the beach that they would have its sand reaching the porch entry and the wawes splashing against the walls, but there are some rules to respect about the minimum distance where is possible to build along the beaches of Costa Rica.


The above section of a typical beach show the partition of a beachfront property with, for the first time, the right way to find the mythical point where the 50 metres public zone begin.

Is not complicated and anybody, with the help of a metre tape, tide table, a couple of wood poles and a little knowledge of topography, can easyly define where the public zone ends inside his “property”, with a little margin for mistake.